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(as of September, 2013)
Tracy Windsor, 48, has been exploring ghost towns in the California desert, with her grandparents, since she was a young child.  She started exploring on her own in the late 1980ís and continues exploring at least once or twice a month, as she lives very close to many historic ghost town sites.  Tracy has known about the Cheap Jeep trips for several years from Cat, Jim and Tim.  She went on her first Cheap Jeep trip in 2013 and loved it!  She is very excited about future trips with the Cheap Jeep crew.  Tracy works for the FAA, and lives in Ridgecrest, California.


Tracy Windsor
Tracy checks out some petroglyphs

Tracy Windsor
Tracy prepares to check out an old mine.

Tracy Windsor
Tracy checks out a 10 stamp mill

Tracy Windsor
Don't mess with this girl.

Steve Ricketts

Gary Bombalicki

Cat House

Jim Stoner

Tim Waag


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