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(as of February, 2012)
Cat House, 40, has been exploring ghost towns with her dad since she was a little kid.   She started "hard core" exploring in the mid 90s.   Although she communicated with the Cheap Jeep crew for many years, she didn't actually hook up with them until 2008.  She became a regular Cheap Jeep trip crew member in 2009. Cat is a graphic artist with Centennial Distributing.   Cat lives with her husband Mike in Kingston, Idaho.


Cat at work
This is typical of Cat's personality.   She is friendly, outgoing, the life of any party, and very knowledgeable about ghost town hunting.

Cat at Bishop Airport
Cat enjoys an energy drink before a Ghost Town flyover

Cat in heaven
Cat loves exploring old buildings

mining equipment
Cat operates the ore bucket controls at an abandoned mine.

Ballarat bumber sticker
Cat seeks information about the location of a town.

Steve Ricketts

Gary Bombalicki

Jim Stoner

Tim Waag

Tracy Windsor


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