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(as of February, 2012)
Jim Stoner, 45, started exploring ghost towns and mines with his dad when he was 8 years old.   At age 20, Jim started exploring alone when he earned his first paid vacation from UPS.   Jim's first trip to Death Valley California and Ghost Towns in Nevada was in 1993.   For several years, Jim would visit the Cheap Jeep crew in Bishop, CA as they picked up Cat for the start of the trip.   Jim first explored with the Cheap Jeep crew in 2009 and became a regular crew member in 2010.   Jim works for UPS and lives in Bishop, California.


Jim Stoner
Jim is always checking out everything.

Jim wakes up
Jim reacts to a leaking air mattress.   Jim is a hard working, friendly guy and an asset to the trip.

Jim Stoner
Jim loves climbing tall mountains.

Jim at an old cabin
Jim explores an abandoned cabin in Nevada.

Steve Ricketts

Gary Bombalicki

Cat House

Tim Waag

Tracy Windsor


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