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(as of February, 2012)
Tim Waag 52, along with his brother Brian, started exploring Death Valley as young children with their parents.   As adults, they returned to Death Valley in 1997 and have been exploring ever since.   Tim manages to get out 4 to 8 times each year, sometimes with Cat and/or Jim.   Tim also gives presentations to museum and historical societies about his wandering and research.   Tim has known about the Cheap Jeep crew for many years and looks forward to trips with them.   Tim is a manager of a law firm and lives in San Luis Obispo, California.


Tim Waag
Tim checks out an ore cart deep in a mine.

Tim Waag
Tim finds a large pully in an abandoned mill.

Tim Waag
Tim finds a lot of things deep in old mines.

Tim Waag
Tim expresses his joy at not having to "go" in the woods.

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Gary Bombalicki

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Jim Stoner

Tracy Windsor


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