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(as of February, 2012)
Steve Ricketts, 65, has been exploring ghost towns since 1972 when he built the first Cheap Jeep.   In 1974, Steve built the second Cheap Jeep expecting it to last three to five years.   As of this writing, the crew is still using that same vehicle.   Although Steve has had five people in the Cheap Jeep, he now limits the crew to four.   With imput from crew members, Steve plans the trips using books, websites, topo maps, FAA sectional charts, Google Earth, and an airplane.   Steve lives in Thousand Oaks, California and works as management and air talent at KD Radio, inc.   Additional information about the Cheap Jeep and how Steve plans the trips can be found at these links.

Cheap Jeeps 1 & 2

How We Plan & What We Find


Steve Ricketts
Steve prepares to enter an abandoned mine.

Steve in mine
Steve operates some mineing equipment he found.

We camp in the ghost towns
Steve chops wood for the campfire

Steve shoots, too
Steve finds time for a little target practice

Cat House

Gary Bombalicki

Jim Stoner

Tim Waag

Tracy Windsor


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